Vogue Celebrates Hanukkah with Vegan Latkes

Fashion publication calls chef Todd Gray’s creation a “simple but incredibly satisfying take on the latke.”


In a recent feature, fashion publication Vogue spotlighted a vegan sweet potato latke recipe from Washington, DC chef Todd Gray and described the dish as a “simple but incredibly satisfying take on the latke.” Gray and wife Ellen co-own Equinox restaurant, and while not themselves vegan, the couple promotes plant-based eating through extensive cruelty-free offerings on their fine dining menu. Gray’s eggless take on latkes—which utilizes Yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, matzo meal, and Egg Replacer brand substitute—“was a recipe that my wife showed me when I first married into her Jewish family.” Earlier this year, Gray participated in Capitol Hill’s first ever “Veggie Burger Smackdown”, in which he created vegan burgers in honor of state senators—including vegan New Jersey senator Cory Booker.

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