In preparation for the British Grand Prix, world champion race car driver Lewis Hamilton threw a vegan barbecue for his teammates. “So we’re at the British Grand Prix and decided to throw a Caribbean barbecue for my team. Everyone’s come out on a Thursday night because everyone generally finishes early on Thursday night, and I’ve got everyone trying the Beyond Meat burger and sausage, which are incredible.” Lewis said in his Instagram story about the event. “A lot of my guys have never tried it before and they all love it, especially with a bit of the hot sauce and everything. It’s great. It’s all vegan. Beyond Meat is all vegan, plant-based. Once you go Beyond Meat, you ain’t going back.” Hamilton went vegan in 2017 after learning about the horrors of animal agriculture and often shares insightful content with his nearly 12 million Instagram followers to urge them to go vegan as well.

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