108-Year-Old Irish Brand Debuts Vegan Ice Cream Line

Award-winning brand Morelli aims to maintain its reputation for innovative products with its new coconut oil-based vegan ice cream flavors.


Last week, ice cream brand Morelli unveiled its first vegan ice cream line “Libero.” Founded in 1911, the fifth-generation, family-operated brand is known for its Italian ice cream flavors and developed its dairy-free line to continue to bring innovation to Northern Ireland. “We’ve been approached over many years for a dairy-free ice cream. We had, of course, to find a way of replacing the milk with ingredients that maintained the creaminess and flavor long associated with Morelli’s ice cream,” Daniela Morelli-Kerr, sales and marketing director at Morelli, said. “We settled on a base of healthy coconut oil to replace the milk.” The brand is currently offering two vegan flavors (Strawberry and Chocolate) in pints and at scoop shops and plans to expand the Libero line with additional flavors in coming months.

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