Founded in 1846, HP Hood, LLC will debut its first oat-based vegan milk line, Planet Oat, on December 17. The brand—which produces dairy items such as Lactaid milk, ice cream, and cottage cheese—developed its oat milk to provide consumers with a versatile plant-based alternative that can be used in cereal, coffee, and for cooking. “In today’s landscape, the consumer is forced to make trade-offs almost every time she uses ‘milk.’ One for cooking. One for the kids. One for her coffee. One for her smoothies. One for general wellness,” Hood Vice President of Marketing Chris Ross told VegNews. “And even in that, there are conscious trade-offs around taste, satisfaction, nutrition, and concerns about animal welfare and the environment. We’ve created an unbelievable product that eliminates those trade-offs—it tastes delicious, is rich, creamy, full-bodied, and is so versatile.” The Planet Oat line—available in four flavors: Original, Extra Creamy, Vanilla, and Dark Chocolate—will initially debut at retailers Kroger and Shaw, and online grocer Amazon Fresh, before expanding to other outlets. This year, Swedish brand Oatly began construction on its first United States-based production facility in New Jersey, a move that will increase its capacity eightfold in an effort to meet the overwhelming demand for its oat milk products.  

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