New vegan brand The Meatless Farm will debut exclusively at grocery chain Sainsbury’s this month. The brand will offer two products: vegan ground beef (US $3.95) and plant-based burgers (US $3.29). The Meatless Farm founder Morten Toft Bech hopes the new affordable product line—made with soy and pea protein—will soon become a household name for the millions of Brits actively seeking meat alternatives. “We have spent the past two years developing a product that is delicious and unique in its category,” Bech said. “We are entering the market at a time when demand is growing and meat-free alternatives are becoming increasingly mainstream.” This year, Sainsbury’s introduced shoppers to several new vegan items, including steak and burgers made by Dutch brand Vivera. The UK’s vegan population has increased by 600 percent since 2016, and local supermarket chains have profited from introducing new vegan options to meet demand. This year, supermarket chain Tesco launched 20-item vegan meal line Wicked Kitchen (which sold 4 million units in eight months) in partnership with its in-house vegan chef Chad Sarno, grocery store Iceland reported that sales of its vegan No Bull burger surpassed those of wagyu beef, and supermarket Asda credited its sales spike last holiday season to the launch of its vegan line of mince pies.