Papa John’s Runs out of Vegan Cheese in 24 Hours 

UK branches of the pizza chain are scrambling to stock up on vegan cheese after underestimating demand for their new plant-based pies. 


Pizza chain Papa John’s sold out of its new vegan cheese option within 24 hours of adding it to its menus across the United Kingdom. On Monday, Papa John’s officially added three vegan pizzas made with Bute Island Foods’ Sheese to its menu, along with a vegan version of its popular Marmite and Cheese Scrolls. “Omg! Vegan Sheese is a big hit! We are almost out of stock within a day,” Papa John’s UK tweeted. “Thank you for such an overwhelming response! If you didn’t manage to order your pizza, don’t worry! We are stocking up as soon as possible!” Competing chain Pizza Hut UK added its fourth vegan pizza, the Vegan Jack ‘n’ Ch**se, to its menu for the month of January—with the promise of keeping the limited-edition option on the menu if it sold 10,000 pies in one month. By the third week of January, Pizza Hut smashed its target by selling 17,700 vegan pies and made the Violife cheese-topped pizza a permanent menu item at its 253 UK outlets.