Vegan egg replacer Just Egg will be available nationwide at Sprouts and Whole Foods Market in April. The innovative mung bean-based product is currently available on the menu at select restaurants in the United States and in parts of Asia, along with limited retailers such as Hy-Vee, Wegmans, and Fresh Thyme—where it is sold alongside traditional liquid eggs. The nationwide launch will coincide with a milestone for JUST (the food technology startup behind the Just Egg), which will sell the equivalent of five million eggs without harming a single chicken. “That’s a meaningful, measurable impact on the planet and the wellbeing of animals in our food system—without giving up anything in terms of protein, ease of use, versatility or taste,” Kate Geagan, Nutritionist and Registered Dietician, and JUST advisor, said. Last year, after just one week on one store’s shelves, Just Egg outsold its category competitors—including Egg Beaters—and, according to data provided by JUST, continues to revive the previously stagnant liquid egg category with a vegan product. “One reason JUST Egg has captured such lighting in a bottle is because it’s so easy for everyone to understand the impact,” Geagan said. “It’s a powerful cue to shoppers when retailers like Whole Foods and Sprouts place a product like JUST Egg in the mainstream—next to liquid eggs or protein alternatives. In effect, they are saying, ‘here is something equally as fresh, equally as wholesome, and equally as valuable to you, our customer.’” JUST recently partnered with PHW Group—the largest producer of poultry in Europe—to distribute Just Egg across Europe in coming months.