Vegan chik’n-style Chia Nuggets are now available at three Laemmle Theaters locations in Glendale, North Hollywood, and Santa Monica. The nuggets are made by South African brand The Fry Family Co., which founders Wally and Debbie Fry launched in Durban in 1991 when vegan options were scarce. The launch of Fry’s nuggets represents the first time the product—which is distributed in 27 countries—is available at a United States-based entertainment venue. “We are thrilled to have our food served at Laemmle Theatres—great food and great storytelling bring people together and that is a message we feel strongly about,” Tammy Fry, Global Marketing Director at Fry’s, said. In December, Los Angeles city councilman Paul Koretz proposed a citywide mandate to require every entertainment venue, including movie theaters, to offer at least one vegan protein option. While the mandate is in the air, Laemmle and Fry’s are proving that serving hearty vegan options at local venues is easy to implement. In recent months, other Fry’s products have become available in the US, including its sausage rolls which are currently served at Northern California eatery Donut Farm.

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