This summer, United Kingdom brand The Meatless Farm Co. will make its United States debut at Whole Foods Markets nationwide. The brand secured a distribution deal with the grocery chain to carry two of its vegan products: Meat Free Mince (a ground beef alternative) and Meat Free Burgers (made with pea, soy, and rice protein). “The market is really [heating] up and it is a game changer to be working with Whole Foods Market,” Rob Woodall, The Meatless Farm CEO and a former executive at Kellogg’s, said. “The US meat alternative market is currently the largest in the world and is strategically very important for the category.” After two years in development, the company launched its vegan burgers at 600 Sainsbury’s locations in the UK last year. In addition to the US and UK, The Meatless Farm sells vegan products in Sweden, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates and aims to expand its distribution to Australia and New Zealand in the coming months.

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