Today, Canadian chain Tim Hortons announced the addition of the Beyond Burger—its first ever burger option—to its menu nationwide. Tim Hortons first partnered with California-based vegan brand Beyond Meat in mid-May to test Beyond Breakfast Sausage sandwiches in select locations. By June, the chain expanded the sandwiches to all of its nearly 4,000 locations across Canada. Now, the chain is exploring new lunch and dinner menu options with the Beyond Burger, available in two builds: the BBQ Beyond Burger and the Beyond Burger. The new burgers are meant to appeal to customers looking for a meat alternative and are both served with dairy-based cheese and mayonnaise on a non-vegan bun. A spokesperson for Tim Hortons told VegNews that the Beyond Burger can be ordered on Tim Hortons’ vegan biscuit with vegetable toppings and condiments such as mustard and barbecue sauce (which is sweetened with brown sugar). “We’re excited to be able to offer our guests a burger for the very first time,” Mike Hancock, Tim Hortons Chief Operating Officer, said. The Beyond Burger options are priced at $5.69 CAD ($4.36 USD) making the plant-based burgers available at “one of the most affordable price points,” according to Hancock. “Our guests are looking for more options and the Beyond Burger is a delicious addition that doesn’t compromise on taste or satisfaction,” Hancock said. Tim Hortons is now the largest chain to offer the Beyond Burger across Canada, following A&W Canada which added the plant-based burger to its 925 locations last summer—where 90,000 burgers sold in 72 hours.