This week, a cleaning crew contacted the British Transport Police (BTP) in Sussex after finding a suitcase filled with unmarked bags of a white, powdery substance on a shuttle train at Gatwick airport in England. Upon examining the substance, BTP Sussex discovered that the bags did not contain drugs but were in fact filled with plant-based cake mix that belonged to Brighton-based vegan pizzeria Purezza. The whole incident was documented by BTP Sussex and Purezza on Twitter with a light-hearted exchange. “Huge drugs [sic] bust at Gatwick airport. In collaboration with @ukhomeoffice powders tested and discovered to be vegan cake ingredients. Please label your foods and bring samples of cakes next time you visit,” BTP Sussex tweeted. “Thanks for going easy on us guys,” Purezza responded. “A slab of cake all round is in order when you’re next in Brighton.” In 2015, Purezza opened in Brighton as UK’s first vegan pizzeria before expanding to a two-story London location and is currently working to open its own vegan cheese factory. Earlier this year, Purezza became the first vegan entrant to win an award in the prestigious Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza (World Pizza Championship) in Parma, Italy.

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