Vegan JUST Egg will soon be available at select Walmart locations nationwide. California startup JUST debuted the mung bean-based egg replacer at select restaurants last year and launched at Whole Foods Markets and Sprouts in April, following a retail launch at retailers Hy-Vee, Wegmans, and Fresh Thyme. This week, JUST CEO Josh Tetrick broke the news of JUST Egg’s Walmart expansion on Fox Business. “Much more than a vegan thing, this is very much a mainstream thing,” Tetrick said about the Walmart launch. Tetrick explained that the cost of a chicken egg is approximately $0.08 each while the JUST Egg equivalent is $0.22, a cost he aims to reduce in the next two to three years to below $0.05 to compete with the egg industry. Earlier this month, JUST Egg began its expansion into 2,100 Kroger-owned stores nationwide including Kroger, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, QFC, and Fry’s. To date, JUST has sold the vegan equivalent of more than 10 million chicken eggs and frequently outsells its animal-based competitors (such as EggBeaters) at top grocery chains.