On November 1, new vegan cheese shreds made by Moocho—a sub-line from iconic brand Tofurky Co.—will make its retail debut at HEB stores across Texas. The new line will be available in Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Fiesta Blend shreds with a suggested retail price of $4.99 for an 8-ounce bag. 

Tofurky first launched the Moocho sub-line in February 2019 with three cheesecake flavors (Triple Berry Swirl, New York Style Vanilla, and Chocolate) after customers requested that a vegan cheesecake included in its 2018 holiday feast kit become a stand-alone product. In February 2020, Tofurky announced it would expand the Moocho line to include vegan cheese shreds along with cream cheese in Plain, Garden Vegetable, and Strawberry varieties. 

“We had planned on launching Moocho shredded cheese at the start of 2020, however COVID-19 presented us with a few challenges in terms of final product commercialization; with labor and supply chain unpredictability,” Tofurky and Moocho CEO Jaime Athos told VegNews. “We were forced to pause and pivot to be sure that we could deliver on our flavor and value targets, without compromise. We’re really excited to deliver on our breakthrough product vision, within the retail marketplace. The cold texture and meltability really level-up the category offering, helping to welcome a new wave of consumers to the dairy-free category.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the launch of these products in stores, the brand’s entry into HEB stores signals the beginning of its retail launch, which is expected to expand to other retailers and regions. “Looking ahead to early 2021, we have many other retailers and food service players hungry to launch Moocho cheese with their audiences,” Athos said. “Our goal entails quick national distribution to build growth and loyalty for dairy-free cheese that is similar to shopper purchase habits for dairy-free milks.”

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