United Kingdom-based vegetarian brand Quorn has been unable to meet the demand of its meatless products following the success of this year’s Veganuary campaign—in which individuals commit to going vegan for the month of January. A record 400,000 people worldwide signed up for the Veganuary pledge this year, nearly double that of last year. Quorn’s global marketing operations director, Sam Blunt, told local media outlet iNews that the demand for Quorn foods—which include vegan chicken nuggets, fish filets, and burgers—increased dramatically as a result. The company was not able to meet this surge in demand, despite its larger production facility which produces 1.33 million products each week. “We saw unprecedented levels of demand. Other brands producing meat-free products have been experiencing the same; it’s not just us,” Blunt said. “It was disappointing that we couldn’t meet demand but we’re increasing production capacity and investing in new equipment. It’s been our strategy to expand for two years, but it takes time.” In recent years, Quorn has partnered with several major chains, including Pizza Hut and Costa Coffee. Last year, Quorn partnered with fast-food chain KFC to launch a Quorn-based Vegan Burger, which expanded to all 900 UK locations and subsequently sold one million burgers this January alone. Additionally, British convenience chain Greggs launched a vegan version of its popular sausage roll featuring Quorn-based vegan sausage at 950 stores and quickly expanded to all 1,950 locations across the UK. Earlier this year, Greggs developed a vegan version of its popular steak bakes, also made with Quorn.

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