By the end of March, retailers nationwide will stock Beyond Meat’s newest product, vegan Beyond Breakfast Sausage in two flavors: Classic and Spicy. The new vegan pork sausage—which is both Kosher- and Halal-certified—is made with a base of pea and brown rice protein combined with herbs and spices, such as sage and black pepper, that impart a flavor similar to traditional animal-based breakfast sausages. “Introducing Beyond Breakfast Sausage at retail stores is an exciting next step for our brand as we continue to invest in expanding opportunities for shoppers to enjoy our products at home,” Beyond Meat Chief Growth Officer Chuck Muth said. “We’re very pleased with our retail momentum to date and entering the breakfast meat category was the natural next step for our brand as we look at our runway for future growth.” Several chains, including Starbucks in Canada, recently added a plant-based breakfast patty made by Beyond Meat to their menus. However, the Beyond Breakfast Sausage in stores will be completely different. “The Beyond Breakfast Sausage served at Dunkin’, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, and A&W are custom developed with their customers in mind, and exclusive to those restaurants,” a spokesperson for Beyond Meat told VegNews. “The new Beyond Breakfast Sausage available at retail is different in size and flavor; this version is a smaller patty, designed to be the perfect addition to a breakfast plate.” The new sausages will be available frozen in packs of six patties for $4.99 at select retailers, including ACME, Albertsons, Key Foods, Kings, Pavilions, Raley’s, ShopRite, Vons, Wegmans, and Whole Foods Market.

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