Finnish vegan brand Oddlygood recently launched a new line of plant-based cheese for the United States foodservice market. Created in 2018, Oddlygood is currently used by Koti Pizza, the largest pizza chain in the Nordic Region. Made with shea and coconut oils and potato starch protein, Oddlygood’s vegan cheese is known for its meltability and creamy texture. It is available in ready-to-use 2.2-pound bags of shredded cheese and 6.6-pound cheese logs in mozzarella or cheddar styles, which can be used in place of dairy cheese in dishes such as pizzas, sandwiches, Italian entrées, quesadillas, and grilled cheese. 

“As plant-based diets continue to rise in popularity, foodservice operators will need to adapt to retain their existing customers and attract new ones,” Mari Meriluoto, Director of Marketing of Oddlygood, said. “Created for cheese lovers looking for a delicious plant-based alternative, Oddlygood provides a real cheese experience that makes people feel good about their health and wellness and the well-being of the planet.”

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