This week, Dutch Bros—the largest privately owned drive-thru coffee chain in the country—added oat milk to its more than 400 locations nationwide. The new oat milk can be ordered (for a $0.50 charge) in any beverage. The new vegan milk is also part of the chain’s new The Oat Kicker Latte, a permanent menu item which will be promoted from now until February.

“Customers had been asking for oat milk and we wanted to make sure we served that group,” Kristin Sha, Director of Product Management for Dutch Bros, told VegNews. “Oat Milk is the most adopted and sustainable milk alternative. Plus, it’s just plain delicious—sweet, creamy, and not just for non-dairy drinkers but for everyone.” In addition to the new oat milk, the chain also offers coconut and almond milk.

Oat milk gains steam
Oat milk is finding its way onto menus at major chains nationwide. In August 2020, Dunkin’ added oat milk by Planet Oat to the menu of its more than 9,000 locations nationwide. The chain now serves the vegan milk as part of a new Iced Oatmilk Latte, as well as a variety of hot and cold drinks and as a substitute to any milk option (additional charges may apply). Similarly, after a successful limited launch of oat milk in January 2020 at approximately 1,300 locations in the Midwest, Starbucks will be rolling out oat milk to all of its locations nationwide this spring.