On March 6, Vienna-based vegan food tech company Revo Foods is unveiling its first 3D-printed plant-based seafood product. The first tasting event of its 3D-printed smoked salmon will take place at Budapest Bagels in Vienna. Called “Salmon With Attitude,” the product looks just like real smoked salmon but was developed using new technology based on 3D food printing to recreate the texture and appearance of seafood. During the process, ingredients such as pea protein, algae extracts, and dietary fibers are combined to create a base that is high in protein, omega 3, and B12. Revo has also created a creamy smoked salmon spread.

Vegan seafood with a mission

Revo Food’s mission is to put a stop to overfishing, destruction of the oceans, and toxic waste materials such as mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in seafood. “The future of seafood has arrived! After countless hours spent on research and development, we are happy to announce that the world’s first 3D-printed plant-based seafood is here,” Revo Foods posted on Facebook. “Our plant-based salmon is made of only 11 ingredients, and we are proud about the fantastic nutritional content (high in protein, high in omega-3). Of course, our salmon contains absolutely no heavy metals, microplastics, antibiotics, or any other waste materials found in industrial aquaculture salmon. At Revo Foods we have a clear vision: Overfishing is the past. Join us for a sustainable future with plant-based seafood!”

Revo Foods is giving away three tickets to the exclusive tasting event on its website.

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