This week, vegan brand Beyond Meat announced its expanded partnership with retailer Walmart which will land the Hot Italian flavor of its Beyond Sausage at 400 Walmart locations. The expanded distribution deal will also place the Beyond Cookout Classic—a 10-pack of its Beyond Burgers—at approximately 500 Walmart stores. The bulk pack (which prices each Beyond Burger patty at approximately $1.60) was first introduced as a seasonal offering last summer but will now join Walmart’s shelves as a permanent item meant to serve the entire family at an affordable price. 

“We are thrilled by the continued growth with Walmart and the opportunity to offer Walmart customers increased accessibility to a larger selection of our delicious and better-for-you plant-based products,” Chuck Muth, Chief Growth Officer, Beyond Meat, said. “As more households continue to buy our products and buy them more frequently, we’re excited to satisfy the growing demand through increased product offerings and distribution.” 

Beyond Meat at Walmart

Beyond Meat first launched its vegan products at Walmart in 2015 and the brand expanded its partnership with the aim of providing greater access to affordably priced plant-based meats. In September 2020, Beyond Meat tripled the distribution of its Beyond Burger to 2,400 Walmart locations. The retail giant also offers Beyond Meat’s plant-based Beyond Breakfast Sausage patties and Beyond Sausage in Original flavor.

Beyond Meat introduced its popular Beyond Burger in 2016 at a single Whole Foods Market in Colorado. Since then, the publicly traded company has expanded the domestic distribution of its vegan meats—which also includes Beyond Beef and Beyond Meatballs—to more than 28,000 retail outlets nationwide.