Today, Canadian chocolatier Purdys is debuting a vegan version of its most popular chocolate, Sweet Georgia Browns. The beloved chocolate treat, which is reminiscent of Turtles, combines roasted pecans, vegan caramel made with apple cider and coconut milk, and a generous dollop of vegan milk chocolate made with rice milk powder instead of dairy. The new item is available in a box of eight or snack-sized packs of two on Purdys’s website or at its more than 75 locations across the country.

“Sweet Georgia Browns are one of the most famous treats from Purdys, so we knew we had to make a vegan version,” Purdys Master Chocolatier Rachel McKinley said in a statement. “The challenge to crafting vegan Sweet Georgia Browns was making the perfect vegan caramel that would measure up to what our customers have come to expect from us. After extensive testing, I found that apple cider and coconut milk makes an unbelievably buttery tasting vegan caramel that we know our customers will love.”


The launch of the vegan Sweet Georgia Browns comes as the 115-year-old chocolate company continues to develop more vegan options of its famous signature treats to meet the evolving preferences of its customers. Purdys has even made a designated vegan area in its factory kitchen, including a vegan-only molding and packaging line. 

“We wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the same Purdys best sellers Canadians have known and loved for generations,” Kriston Dean, Purdys VP Sales and Marketing, said in a statement. “Which is why we’re delighted about launching our Vegan Sweet Georgia Browns. And with our exciting new vegan caramel recipe, we can’t wait to make more vegan options of our famous signature treats.”

Last fall, Purdys introduced its first vegan chocolate line, which included vegan milk and dark chocolate bars in three varieties: Vegan Mylk Chocolate, Vegan Mylk Trail Mix, and Vegan Dark Trail Mix. The vegan bars are sold individually or as part of a six-piece assorted bag. VegNews.PurdysVeganMilkChocolate1Purdys

Cadbury, Hershey’s, and Lindt all launch vegan chocolate 

Purdys joins a number of major chocolate brands around the world that have been introducing vegan versions of iconic chocolate snacks to meet the growing demand for dairy-free options. Confectionery company Cadbury recently launched its first line of vegan chocolate bars, called Cadbury Plant Bars, in the United Kingdom. 

The 197-year-old chocolate brand took two years to develop the vegan versions of its classic milk-chocolate bar. The new vegan bars, which come in Smooth Chocolate and Salted Caramel varieties, are made with almond paste instead of dairy milk. 

Cadbury’s marketing campaign for the new products included apology letters and murals to Britons for taking so long to create the dairy-free bars. “Sorry it’s taken this long,” the letter said. “Sorry it seemed like we weren’t listening to your calls … And sorry for all the other chocolate you’ve had to eat while you waited. We simply wanted it to be perfect.”VegNews.CadburyPlantBarCadbury

Last year, a vegan version of the iconic KitKat bar also began making its way to store shelves in the UK. Made from a combination of vegan chocolate and vegan wafer fingers, the KitKat V was created by Nestlé’s research and development team in York, UK. 

This month, Swiss chocolatier Lindt & Sprungli rolled out Lindt Classic Recipe vegan milk chocolate bars made with oat milk and almond paste. The bars are available in two varieties (Smooth and Hazelnut) in UK-based supermarket chain Sainsbury’s and other popular grocery retailers, as well as on Amazon, in Lindt chocolate shops, and online. 

Stateside, the Hershey Company launched its first vegan chocolate bars made with a base of oat milk at limited retailers, including select Target locations. The Hershey’s Oat Made bars come in flavors such as Classic Dark and Extra Creamy Almond & Sea Salt with each oat milk-based bar clearly labeled vegan. The launch of the bar is part of a real-time marketing test Hershey’s is conducting. The new vegan chocolate bars are expected to be available until June.

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