Alicia Silverstone is arguably best known for two things. First, a certain movie with an iconic phrase (“Ugh, as if!”), and the second is, of course, her kind, compassionate, vegan lifestyle.

Silverstone’s approach to life has seen her write two best-selling books (The Kind Diet and Kind Mama), launch a natural supplement line (myKind Organics), and found her own blog, The Kind Life. The latter is a source of all things sustainable, ethical, and vegan, and guides you through everything from Silverstone’s ethics to her favorite recipes to her go-to fashion brands.

Recently, she shared her favorite holiday gift ideas on her blog, each of which she can recommend from personal experience. “I’ve pulled together some suggestions that I hope can help with some meaningful gift ideas and products I’ve personally tried, tested, and loved,” she writes, before also recommending that people consider compassionate, low-waste gifts, like baked goods, yoga class vouchers, and donating to a nonprofit.

Check out some of Silverstone’s go-to gifts below. Oh, and she also recommends wrapping them in sustainable dissolvable wrapping paper, which you can find here.

Alicia Silverstone’s favorite sustainable, vegan gifts for the holiday season


1 Leather bags, but make them vegan

Gone are the days when all leather bags were made from cowhide or exotic skins, like crocodile or snake. Now, many sustainable brands offer vegan leather bags that are as stylish as they are durable. Silverstone recommends multiple options, including this Black Croc Mini Flap Crossbody Bag from JW Pei, which is made from upcycled plastic bottles. “These bags can be dressed up or down,” says Silverstone. “Perfect for the fashion lovers on your list.”


2 Comfortable, stylish sustainable clothing

Style and comfort don’t have to be mutually exclusive, Silverstone’s list proves this. The actor has included garments like long flowing dresses from Daughters of India, a loose button-up cotton shirt from Tradlands, and organic cotton sweatpants from Mate the Label. “These are so soft and luxe the guys on your list will want to wear them everywhere,” she says on the latter.


3 Boots, boots, and more boots

You can’t go wrong with a black vegan leather boot, it’s the shoe that goes with everything, making it the ultimate gift. Silverstone has included multiple pairs on her holiday list, including these Watercolor Black Boots from Alohas. “For the boot lover you’re shopping for, I live and die in this cute pair from Alohas,” she writes. “It’s affordable but luxe and for the girl who wears black boots with everything, she won’t miss a beat.”


4 Ethical jewelry is a must

When you’re looking to really show someone you care, jewelry is always a special gift. If you’re in the market for ethical options, Silverstone recommends this White Sapphire Tennis Bracelet from Aurate, as well as a solar-powered watch from Solios. “They come in great styles that will work for everyone on your list,” she notes.

VegNews.vegancandles.pfcandlecoP.F. Candle Co

5 Keep it cozy with vegan candles

When you’re not sure what to gift, give the gift of coziness. Help someone create their own hygge with a vegan, non-toxic candle from the P.F. Candle Co. “Candles are so easy to gift to anyone,” says Silverstone. “But just be sure you’re gifting a stunner that’s also free from toxic ingredients phthalates, parabens, and artificial fragrances.”

VegNews.veganskincare.carterandjaneCarter and Jane

6 You can’t go wrong with ethical beauty

Skincare and makeup products are always great holiday gifts, especially when they’re ethical and cruelty-free. Silverstone recommends this Shades of You Gift Set from Ilia Beauty, which she says is a “delight” for clean beauty lovers. She also loves this Everything Oil from Carter + Jane, and for skin support from the inside out, she recommends MyKind Organics’ Plant Collagen Builder. “Made from whole food ingredients that support your skin’s natural elasticity, the skincare lovers on your list will be so grateful,” Silverstone writes.


7 Vegan food, always

The holidays are all about delicious food, but it doesn’t have to be laden with animal products. Show your loved ones that vegan food can be indulgent, delicious, and festive with gifts from brands like Nibel, which specializes in plant-based charcuterie boards, and Hu Chocolate. “Put this chocolate in a box as a gift on its own or stuff it into stockings,” says Silverstone. “You can’t go wrong with either. I love the Cashew and Vanilla Bean Hunks and the Sour Golden Berries Hunks, but there are many to choose from!”


8 Don’t forget the companion animals

Why should our furry friends have to dip out on gifts this holiday season? We think they all deserve a treat, and so does Silverstone. She recommends this Spunky Pup recycled dog toy from its Clean Earth Collection. “Pups are part of the family, too, and kids love making sure there’s something for them,” she says. “This cute plush toy will bring your dog hours of fun while helping to use up ocean-bound plastic.”

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