If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of holiday shopping, thankfully, this guide has something for everyone on your list, no matter how difficult that person is to shop for. And you can do it all from the cozy comfort of your home.

With convenient online shopping, there are no pushy holiday crowds or parking nightmares to endure. You may even get some inspiration and add a few more items to your personal wish list as you leisurely scroll and click “add to cart.” From kitchen tools to creative DIY projects, here are 24 fun, practical, and totally unique gifts to give this year.

Gifts for people who love vegan cooking

VegNews.knife.mercerculinaryMercer Culinary


1 Knives

A sharp knife is a safer knife. As counterintuitive as this may seem, any professional chef will vouch for us. A set of good knives can turn the chore of chopping into a far less laborious experience, and, because a decent sharp knife doesn’t require as much pressure to cut, they can also help prevent accidents in the kitchen.

An eight- to 10-inch chef’s knife, a serrated bread knife, and a four-and-one-half-inch paring knife are all you need to perform most kitchen functions. Gift a full set, or if you know your friend is still trying to hack through their homemade loaves of sourdough with a non-serrated knife, just go for the very crucial bread knife.
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2 NanoFoamer

Espresso machines are expensive, but with the right tool, you can get close to that blissfully good microfoam that tops your neighborhood café’s soy milk latte. The NanoFoamer is superior to any other basic milk frother we’ve used. For the coffee snobs who are forever trying to perfect their homemade espresso beverages, this is the gift to get.
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VegNews.bluebottlecoffeekit.bluebottleBlue Bottle

3 Blue Bottle pour-over kit

Pour-over kits are available through most third-wave coffee roasters, but we’re siding with Blue Bottle for its decision to make oat milk the default milk option as of 2021. The package includes a dripper, carafe, 30 filters, and an essential pour-over guide. Gift this bundle to someone ready to retire their $20 coffee maker for something more sophisticated.
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4 Rouxbe cooking class

You don’t need to enroll at Le Cordon Bleu to hone professional-level culinary skills. Rouxbe is an online culinary institution with courses ranging from plant-based pro to 90-day intensives for the home cook who wants to know more.
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VegNews.herathedogcocktailkit.herathedogHera the Dog

5 Hera the Dog Cocktail kit

Give everything you need to make an excellent cocktail with one of these holiday mixology kits. From the booze to the garnish to the shaker, these comprehensive vegan boxes have it all. Bonus: 100 percent of proceeds go toward animal rescue organizations. 
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VegNews.globalgrubsushikit.globalgrubGlobal Grub

6 Global Grub DIY culinary kits

Some cooking projects—like Instagram-worthy focaccia art or perfectly rolled sushi—can be intimidating to start. These packages offer up the confidence home cooks need to take on these dishes by way of essential tools and helpful step-by-step instructions. For example, the sushi kit includes a bamboo rolling mat, sushi rice, nori, rice vinegar powder, and wasabi powder plus filling ideas. Other vegan options include the Mochi Ice Cream Kit, Focaccia Art Kit, and Ravioli Kit. 
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Vegan food gifts

VegNews.FrankieandJoesFrankie & Jo’s

7 Ice cream pints

Shipping ice cream to yourself feels extravagant, which makes it the perfect gift—it’s something most people would never purchase for themselves and yet we can guarantee it will be used (more like devoured). Vegan-friendly brands such as Frankie & Jo’s, Dear Bella Creamery, and Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery all ship ice cream nationwide.
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8 Gourmet vegan chocolates

Vegan chocolate can be found anywhere, but when it’s being given as a gift, it must be fancy. We’re talking ornate wrappings, delicate chocolate art, and decadent fillings. There are several luxury vegan and vegan-friendly chocolatiers out there, but to start, try Laderach, Melissa Coppel, Nhiar Chocolates, or Lagusta’s Luscious. For even more chocolate gifts, check out VegNews editors’ favorite artisanal chocolates
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9 Vegan cheese subscription 

Ever since vegan cheese evolved from the rubbery substance of yester-year to the divine food it is today, there have been vegan cheese addicts. Many locally-owned vegan cheese shops offer subscriptions, but there are also some cheesemongers that ship nationwide. Check out brands such as SriMu, Rebel Cheese, and The Herbivorous Butcher
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VegNews.vegancookies.karmabakerKarma Baker

10 Vegan baked goods

Nothing lights us up like an unexpected package. When that package happens to contain a plethora of vegan sweets, our entire day is made. Imagine your friend or family member’s delight when they unbox an entire vegan cake or a medley of giant seasonal cookies. Karma Baker, Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen, Foxship Bakery, and Sticky Fingers Bakery are just a few of our go-to bakeries that ship their sweets nationwide.
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VegNews.CrystalCandy.MisakyTokyoMisaky Tokto

11 Vegan sweets

There’s no sweeter gift than gourmet vegan candy. Gift your sweet-toothed friends and family delicious vegan confections. Misaky Tokyo’s crystal sweets aren’t just tasty; they’re also a real treat for the eyes. The crystal candy is slightly sweet and features a gummy-like center. The brand’s holiday flavors include vanilla hazelnut, hibiscus cranberry, cinnamon pear, grenadine, yuzu, pistachio, matcha, and pandan coconut. ‘Tis the sweetest season!
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12 Restaurant gift cards (that give more)

If you ask us, a delicious vegan meal is one of the best gifts you can receive. So why not gift your loved ones a gift card to one of your favorite vegan restaurants? Hip City Veg, Veggie Grill, and Native Foods are just three examples of vegan chains offering gift cards right now. 
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VegNews.lettucegrowindoorgrowing.lettucegrowLettuce Grow

13 Lettuce Grow

This urban farmstand is a perfect compromise for people who want to try their hand at gardening but don’t have the time, space, or interest to deal with planting. Available in a short 12-plant stand to a colossal 36-plant tower, the compact vertical hydroponic system does most of the work for you, but the resulting kale and bok choy taste just as fresh as if you planted the seeds yourself. Note: with the additional purchase of the ring lights, the Lettuce Grow also works indoors! 
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Vegan beauty and fashion gifts

VegNews.veganbag.fridaromeFrida Rome


14Immaculate Vegan clothing and accessories from

Think of this virtual vegan and cruelty-free shop as a digital department store. It has everything you need to browse for eternity, and while some may find that anxiety-provoking, others love to look until they land on the perfect gift. Immaculate Vegan houses gifts for both men and women—from functional and fashionable handbags to candles, shoes, and consciously made apparel.
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15 Goodr sunglasses

Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses that make them feel strong and confident, and Goodr lenses definitely make a statement. The athletic wear sunnies come in a range of styles, lens shades, and frame colors with whimsical names such as the Flamingos on a Booze Cruise and Iced by Yetis. Meant for those literally on the run (or on the bike), all shades are polarized, lightweight, and non-slip. Did we mention they’re only $25? Buy a pair for a friend and another for yourself.
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16 Hurraw! lip balm 

Remember Lip Smackers? Hurraw! balm is a vegan and eco-friendly version of your favorite childhood lip treatment (except it actually hydrates). While the brand does offer unscented and more muted flavors, we love the playful varieties like Wintermint, Vanilla Bean, and classic Black Cherry. There are plenty of tinted and untinted options to choose from, making this a great add-on gift for everyone on your list.
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VegNews.MattandNatMatt and Nat

17 Vegan handbag

That burnt-orange summer bag just won’t do for winter—fashion mavens need functional accessories to match the tones of their seasonal wardrobe. Vegan accessory designers such as Matt and Nat and Gunas make gorgeous handbags that are both practical and stylish, and thanks to top-quality manufacturing, these bags put up with a lot of wear and tear. For a smaller present, check out the wallets, vegan leather belts, or matching hats and scarves collections.
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Cozy vegan gifts

VegNews.theelephantprojectelephant.theelephantprojectThe Elephant Project


18 The Elephant Project stuffed animals

For the little ones on your list, gift a snuggly elephant that gives back. One hundred percent of the proceeds from these adorable stuffed animals go toward organizations that combat the poaching crisis or care for injured and abused elephants.
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19 UnHide blanket 

Give the gift of cozy with a luxurious, velvety soft, oversized UnHide blanket. Made with plant-based textiles, these fuzzy throws add instant hygge to any living space. 
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VegNews.consciousstepsocks.conscioussocksConscious Step

20Conscious Step socks

Socks are still a bit of a joke gift for White Elephant exchanges and office Secret Santas, but when your purchase also goes to a nonprofit, this gift carries a bit more weight. All sock options are sustainably and ethically made and feature subtle yet fun prints like mini forest trees, cat ears, and turtles.
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Self-care and crafty gifts


21Earthlove box

Send a little self-care with an Earthlove box. Each curated vegan and cruelty-free package contains eco-friendly items to enhance one’s day and make sustainable living a bit easier. For example, the Winter Holiday Box includes a luxurious body balm, an all-natural candle, a plush pillow, and more. The site also offers plenty of single-purchase items.
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VegNews.claypottery.potterywithapurposePottery with a Purpose

22 Pottery with a Purpose kit

Fuel your loved one’s crafty personality with a DIY at-home pottery kit. The holiday bundles are particularly fun—think create-your-own candle holder and make-your-own mug (the latter comes with a hot chocolate bomb!). There are options for air-dry, so no fancy kiln is required, just some creativity and hands-on work.  
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VegNews gifts

VegNews.Fabulous VeganVegNews

23  The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan

Part recipe cookbook and part how-to, this comprehensive, friendly guide can help anyone become a fabulous vegan (or the most fabulous version of their already-vegan selves). It’s the perfect way to yell, “Go Vegan!” at someone, but with a smile and the promise of a vegan doughnut. 
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24 VegNews Magazine subscription

This gift is timeless. Spread the vegan joy by purchasing an annual subscription for a friend, family member, or co-worker. Print and digital subscriptions are available for just $25. Take it up a notch and gift a VIP subscription for $49 to unlock free access to 50 back issues, automatic entry into product giveaways, VIP discounts, and more. 
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