Online marketplace Amazon UK released new research highlighting the growth of vegan baking products. Amazon UK contracted research firm Ginger Comms to analyze buying habits in the United Kingdom in the last 12 months based on a poll of 1,565 consumers. The report found that sales of vegan baking products increased by 100 percent and that 41 percent of respondents have tried a vegan cake—with 62 percent sampling vegan cake for the first time in the last year. Specific baking-related vegan product sales have increased tremendously within the time period, with Free and Easy Egg Replacer up by 238 percent, Coconut Merchant’s Organic Coconut Butter up by 215 percent, and Vegan Easy Egg up by 115 percent. While some have criticized the validity of vegan baking as highlighted this week during The Great British Bake Off, Amazon UK’s statistics prove that a large portion of residents are interested in vegan baking, with 37 percent of respondents stating they are more likely to choose a vegan cake as opposed to its traditional, animal-based counterpart. To celebrate The Great British Bake Off’s historic vegan week, Amazon UK launched an online vegan shop.

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