Ethan Brown, CEO of vegan brand Beyond Meat, revealed in a recent interview with the BBC that his 12-year-old son eats a Beyond Burger nearly every day. “My son’s getting clean protein … and no cholesterol,” Brown said. “He’s growing like crazy right now so I want him to have that protein.” The Beyond Burger debuted at a Whole Foods Market in Colorado in 2016 and is now available at chains such as TGI Fridays, A&W Canada, and Green Common in Hong Kong, with plans to expand distribution to more than 50 countries worldwide. Despite new legislation in Missouri—where Beyond Meat recently opened a second facility that tripled its production capacity—that threatened to prohibit plant-based products from using the term “meat,” Brown announced his company would continue to sell its popular products. “There’s no mystery to meat,” Brown commented on the matter. “It’s amino acids, lipids, trace minerals, and water. And if you can deliver those four things in the same blueprint or architecture as muscle—why can’t that be called meat?” In addition to Brown’s son, the plant-based burger—which has sold more than 25 million patties to do—has gained popularity amongst many burger-lovers around the world.

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