Brazil-based vegan startup Fazenda Futuro (“Future Farm” in English) raised $21.5 million in investment capital to grow its vegan meat business with the goal of displacing the environmentally damaging animal agriculture industry. Fazenda Futuro uses artificial intelligence to help approximate the taste and texture of animal meat using plant-based ingredients. In 2019, the company launched its first product, the vegan Futuro Burger, at local retailers and restaurants and in December 2019, debuted its vegan almôndegas (meatballs) at 351 locations of Italian chain Spoleto in Brazil. This year, the company embarked on an international expansion, with the debut  of its Futuro Linguiça (vegan sausage) at both European and Brazilian retailers.

“We want to once again elevate the plant-based market with this [investment], with new products and technologies, even more innovation in the industrial processes and with a skilled team to execute our plan, without having to kill a single animal, and keeping our forests away from the meat-packing industry,” Fazenda Futuro founder Marcos Leta said. “[To achieve] that, we’ll intensify our marketing and commercial operation in Europe, and accelerate our entry in the United States. People are starting to get that there will no longer be a planet if we continue to consume animal meat so [excessively].”

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