Nowadays, you can find a great vegan recipe with a click. The internet is packed with pretty much anything you could ever possibly want to make. Just take the VegNews recipe database, for example. We’ve got everything from vegan lobster mac and cheese to smoky tempeh peanut satay to shortbread raspberry cookies. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

But despite the diverse range of delicious recipes online, cookbooks are still popular. Every year, new and exciting vegan recipe books hit the shelves. It seems that even social media and Google can’t replace the joy of having a real book in your hands, packed with stunning visuals, delicious recipes, and culinary wisdom. 

It’s hard to pick even 100 of the best vegan cookbooks. The quality in the market is outstanding, with new innovative and creative takes on plant-based cuisine hitting the shelves all the time. But here, we’ve tried to narrow it down to 100 of our favorites. In no particular order, here are the top vegan cookbooks—all chosen by the VegNews editorial team. Happy cooking!

Best vegan cookbooks, #100 through #75


100 Vegan Mob: Vegan BBQ and Soul Food

It hasn’t even been released yet, but we’re sure this cookbook from Toriano Gordon, the chef behind the San Francisco Bay Area’s Vegan Mob, is set to become an instant favorite. Expect to find addictive vegan versions of meaty classics like taco bowls, lasagna, lumpia, and so much more. The cookbook is set to hit the shelves in February 2024.
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99 Delicious AF Vegan

When cozy soy candles, fluffy blankets, and Netflix on repeat aren’t enough to drive away the gloom of chilly gray skies, it’s time to tap into the healing power of comfort food—and Lauren Boehme is here to help. The creator of the vegan recipe blog Rabbits & Wolves, Boehme brings her culinary prowess to Delicious AF Vegan, which hit the shelves in the fall of 2023, with 100 plant-based dishes you’ll immediately add to your recipe repertoire come winter time.
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98 Homestyle Vegan

Vegan chef Amber St. Peter uses healthy ingredients to craft 80 easy-to-follow recipes in her 2016 title Homestyle Vegan. It includes all-American comfort food classics such as biscuits and gravy and fudge brownies.
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97 No-Waste Save-The-Planet Cookbook

Switzerland-born Celine Steen knows that eating plant-based can help save the planet. In her newest cookbook, the No-Waste Save-The-Planet Cookbook, released in 2021, she shows us exactly how with more than 100 planet-friendly recipes for everything from main courses to sides to desserts.
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96 Eat More Vegan!

In addition to being a nutritionist, personal trainer (working with the likes of Angelina Jolie), and cooking show host, author Luke Hines now has 10 cookbooks under his belt with this colorful and healthy vegan bible. Inside Eat More Vegan!, released in 2023, Australian-born Hines celebrates vegetables, avoids time-consuming prep, and keeps things completely gluten- and grain-free.
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95 Vegan Africa

As you might expect, Vegan Africa, released in 2022, is a celebration of African cooking. Inspired by her upbringing on the Ivory Coast, author Marie Kacouchia guides you across the continent, from Ethiopia to Senegal, teaching you how to make naturally plant-based African dishes, like yassa burgers, plantain chips, peanut hummus, and so much more.
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94 15 Minute Vegan

In Katy Beskow’s 15 Minute Vegan, released in 2017, the wholesome plant-based recipes only look like they took all day to make. Luckily, these dishes require minimal time, effort, and ingredients, providing a much-needed shakeup to routine weeknight fare.
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93 Vegan Recipes from Spain

Madrid-born Gonzalo Baró breaks down the basics of Spanish cuisine in his second cookbook, Vegan Recipes from Spain, which hit shelves in 2018. It explores foods like aioli, piquillo peppers, and Spanish tortillas. It will transport you to Madrid in an instant.
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92 Aquafaba

If you’re still tossing out your chickpea water, you’re throwing away macarons, chocolate mousse, and tiramisu. That’s why Paris-based duo Sébastien Kardinal and Laura VeganPower crafted this guide to all things aquafaba. Aquafaba, released in 2018, is filled with both sweet and savory recipes, kitchen essential guides, and even ways to use those leftover chickpeas.
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91 The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

If you don’t have time to stand over the stove and cook dinner, then an Instant Pot is your best friend. And if you want to make delicious recipes that are bursting with flavor in that Instant Pot, then The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook by Nisha Vora, released in 2019, is your other best friend. But expect more than just tasty dinner ideas, it even includes a recipe for Double Fudge Chocolate Cake (yes, in an Instant Pot!).
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90 Street Vegan

Discover the allure of the Cinnamon Snail’s vegan delights that captivated NYC streets. Truck owner Adam Sobel shares tales of the food truck challenges and brings vibrant, imaginative, and love-infused cuisine to your kitchen in Street Vegan, released in 2015.
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89 Discovering Vegan Italian

Thought vegan ravioli, gnocchi, and cacio e pepe were just a dream? Well, wake up! In Discovering Vegan Italian, released in 2020, Australia’s Nadia Fragnito brings 50 decadent, veganized Italian classics—just like nonna used to make ‘em—straight to your kitchen.
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88 How to Be Vegan and Keep Your Friends

Ever spent hours trying to convince your friends to try a new vegan spot? Then 2019’s How to Be Vegan and Keep Your Friends is for you. Author Annie Nichols’ career as a chef and stylist shines through in these 50 beautiful, crowd-pleasing recipes sure to wow all of your friends so no one has to compromise.
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87 The Vegan Japanese Cookbook

Although pork and fish may dominate many Japanese dishes today, Japan is no stranger to plant-based cuisine—and Yoko Segawa is here to walk you through centuries of plant-forward tradition. In Segawa’s The Vegan Japanese Cookbook, released in 2021, you’ll learn how to stock your own vegan Japanese pantry before recreating the author’s own veganized family recipes.
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86 The Vegan Cake Bible

Pro baker and certified vegan cake queen Sara Kidd eats, sleeps, and breathes cakes. Now, after 10 years of layering, frosting, and decorating, she’s broken down all you need to know to bake the fluffiest, multi-tiered cakes of your dreams in The Vegan Cake Bible, which was released in 2022.
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85 La Vida Verde

After recognizing the lack of healthy food in her East Los Angeles neighborhood, vegan chef and yoga instructor Jocelyn Ramirez started plant-based Mexican pop-up and catering service Todo Verde with plans to turn her efforts into a full-blown restaurant. Released in 2020, La Vida Verde brings those vibrant, authentic recipes by her abuela to the masses.
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84Abuela’s Plant-Based Kitchen

With a trove of family recipes, certified holistic health coach Karla Salinari helps you channel island living with dishes inspired by her Puerto Rican roots, her Miami upbringing, and Cuban influences in Abuela’s Plant-Based Kitchen, released in spring 2023. Toss your planner aside and get lost in the joys of homemade meals—from start to finish.
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83 Sushi Modoki

In 2019’s Sushi Modoki, Tokyo-based vegan chef and culinary school teacher mononymously known as Iina shares her inventive methods for transforming carrots into salmon, tomatoes into tuna, and mushrooms into scallops—all in an effort to create the best, most authentic vegan sushi without fish.
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82 The Vegucated Family Table

Nurture a plant-powered family with more than 125 recipes in The Vegucated Family Table by Marisa Miller Wolfson and chef Laura Delhauer. Released in 2020, it’s a go-to guide for raising vegans from infancy to school age.
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81Seed to Plate, Soil to Sky

James Beard Award-winning chef Lois Ellen Frank takes eight Native American ingredients—corn, beans, squash, chilies, tomato, potato, vanilla, and cacao—and turns them into modern recipes in this unique and enlightening cookbook, Seed to Plate, Soil to Sky. Released in the summer of 2023, it’s not just a celebration of delicious vegan food, but also of Native American culinary history.
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80 I Can Cook Vegan

In I Can Cook Vegan, released in 2019, vegan chef and best-selling cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz draws upon years of trial and error to create the ultimate handbook for the home cook. No matter what your skill level, after just a few pages, you’re guaranteed to be able to say “I can cook vegan, too.”
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79 Epic Vegan: Quick and Easy

Plant-based chef Dustin Harder has authored multiple books, taught cooking classes all across the nation, and has even competed on the Food Network, but he always remembers his roots as a home cook. So whether it’s foolproof advice for expertly prepared tofu or trying your hand at a melty sauce, in 2021’s Epic Vegan: Quick and Easy, Harder is here to help hone your skills in the kitchen without breaking a sweat.
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78 Asian Green

Ching-He Huang, the author of Asian Green, released in 2021, believes that food is medicine. That’s why she has packed this cookbook, which is inspired by many countries across Asia, full of nourishing, restorative, delicious recipes, all of which are made with nutritious whole food ingredients, including pulses, tofu, beans, and grains.
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77 Power Plates

Stay nourished and satiated all day with the help of food writer and nutritionist Gena Hamshaw’s 2018 Power Plates. Each recipe contains healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and protein, all of which are essential for helping us feel our best. Plus, none of the recipes, like smoky red lentil stew or falafel bowls, skip out on flavor either.
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76 Vegan Asian: A Cookbook

Jeeca Uy, the founder of Instagram account @thefoodietakesflight, is the brains behind 2021’s Vegan Asian: A Cookbook, which shows you how to transform many Asian favorites with vegan ingredients. If you love dishes like pad Thai, yakisoba, and fried rice, this is the cookbook for you.
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75 Decolonize Your Diet

Decolonize Your Diet, released in 2015, redefines Mexican cuisine, exploring centuries of history to revive heritage crops for health and cultural reconnection. Life partners Luz Calvo and Catriona Rueda Esquibel share more than 100 vibrant, plant-based recipes, emphasizing the importance of reconnecting with Mexican cultural food roots for both physical health and spiritual fulfillment.
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