Dallas, TX-based vegan eatery V-Eats will launch an exclusive Southern comfort-food restaurant pop-up in Toronto from December 7 to February 28. Joining Toronto’s chain of vegan businesses known as “Vegandale” in the city’s Parkdale neighborhood, V-Eats will offer plant-based versions of Texas classics such as Country Fried Chicknun (battered oyster mushrooms with gravy, grilled vegetables, and mac and cheese); Texas Frito Pie (Texas chili, queso, sour cream, pico de gallo, and jalapeños served atop Fritos chips); and the Mystery Machine sandwich featuring its famous vegan brisket. V-Eats’ chef Troy Gardner is known for his award-winning chili and famous vegan brisket, which made headlines in 2016 for upsetting meat-eating Texans after Dallas Observer food editor Beth Rankin wrote a positive review about the meatless dish. “V-Eats is a taste of Texas, without the longhorns,” V-Eats chef Gardner said. “It’s not just good vegan food, it’s fantastic food.” Toronto’s Vegandale stores—owned by vegan hospitality company The 5700 Inc.—also include retail store The Imperative, diner Mythology, craft beer-maker Vegandale Brewery, bakery Copenhagen, and ice cream shop Not Your Mother.

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