Flavor Flav Promotes Vegan Frito Pie

In a recent video, the rapper tells customers to get to vegan eatery Morels Cafe to try the brand new menu item. 


Musician Flavor Flav recently created a video to promote a vegan Frito Pie from Louisville, KY-based vegan eatery Morels Cafe. The pie consists of Fritos chips, chili, vegan cheese, sour cream, onions, and jalapeños. “That sounds kinda good,” Flavor Flav says in the video. “For real, it makes we want to come out there and get me a slice of the pie.” Morels owner Stanley Chase, III booked the rapper as a fun way to promote the Frito Pie special. The dish is available at the café all week and it might be added to Morels’ spring menu. The café has launched unique promotions for other menu items in the past. Last month, Morels debuted a spicy sandwich-eating competition known as the Lucifarby Challenge which pits customers against a face-melting vegan version of the classic “Farby” roast beef and cheddar sandwich.

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