French vegan company All in Foods recently took over the premises of a former slaughterhouse to produce its dairy-free cheeses. Launched in 2013 by brothers Bertrand, Benjamin, and Thibaut Jouault, All in Foods creates vegan cheeses under the brand Nature & Moi in varieties such as Cheddar, Mozzarella, and Hot Pepper blocks; Tex Mex and Vegan Pizza shreds; and Tomato Basil slices. In addition to cheese, the company also produces vegan dessert creams and eggless mayonnaise using allergen-free ingredients such as sunflower protein, coconut oil, potato, and acacia. “Food safety is assured by removing all allergenic products,” Bertrand Jouault told media outlet Ouest-France. “Only four companies in Europe have this level of technology, hence the very confidential nature of manufacturing processes.” The brothers spent €1 million ($1.1 million) on renovation and equipment for the 43,000-square-foot facility. Initially composed of two employees, All in Foods now has 20 employees and will soon open a fourth production line and hire a dozen additional employees by the end of the year to help keep up with demand.

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