General Store Turns into San Diego’s First Vegan Market

MIssion Square Market transformed into an all-vegan grocery store within one month thanks to local support.


On June 3, general store Mission Square Market will reopen as the first all-vegan grocery store and deli in San Diego. The market—which previously sold vegan options, including Philly cheesesteaks and ham sandwiches in its delicatessen—partnered with vegan marketing company Aveccio to help it transition into a fully vegan shop, which it accomplished within one month with the help of the local community. “I am passionate about veganism, helping people be healthy, and saving lives. Life is more important than money. Thanks to our community, I can now focus on that,” Mission Square Market owner Sunny Bhanage said. “This is my dream; I hope we can educate people who are not vegan to help them become vegan as well.” The market will host a vegan launch party on June 3 to celebrate its transformation featuring pop-up Veg’ n Out’s Beyond Meat sliders, local brand Maya’s Cookies vegan fudge cookies, and Seva Foods newly launched vegan space ice cream.

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