The holidays are officially here, and we could all benefit from spreading the cheer after these tumultuous two years. And what better to do that with than all the vegan goodies? Whether it’s delicious hot sauces, a chocolate truffle delivery, or a faux fur dog coat for your companion animal, VegNews editors were tasked to find 10 vegan products that they would give this year. The result? An endless array of gift ideas for you!


Day 1: Seasoning, Sauces & More

If there’s one piece of advice I’m always giving to friends, it’s to stock up on seasoning. And don’t just stop there: vinegars, hot sauces, powders, pastes, little crispy crunchy things, sprinkles of this and that—anything that can liven up your food, have it on hand always.” 
—VegNews Senior Editor Richard Bowie

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Day 2: Cake, Cookies & Ice Cream … Delivered!

“Thanks to innovation and a good amount of dry ice, we can ship the impossible—ice cream, deep dish pizza, vegan sashimi, and even fully constructed, full-sized cakes. And I crave it all.”
—VegNews Digital Editor Tanya Flink

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Day 3: Time to Dote Over Our Dogs

“Don’t tell the Littles, but this Christmas, their specially curated doggie gifts were designed not only to meet their basic needs, but the companies I patronized reflect those things I stand for most passionately: compassion, ethical entrepreneurship, and plant-based food.”
—VegNews Editor at Large Jasmin Singer

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Day 4: Women-Owned Stocking Stuffers

“So this year, as I wrap up my search for the perfect stocking stuffers, I’m honoring my mom, my sisters, and all the women who inspire me by buying from and supporting women-owned businesses. It’s a small thing that doubles the feel-good feelings of gift giving.”
—VegNews Associate Editor Jocelyn Martinez




Day 5: Gifts for the Kids

“As a parent, making peace with the piles of cheap, plastic toys is a must, lest you lose (the rest of) your sanity. It seems even with the best of intentions, it’s impossible to avoid the junk that accumulates. Fortunately, there are some terrific options that are sustainable, natural, and supporting some pretty worthy causes. Plus, kids love them.”
—VegNews Director of Digital Strategy Jill Ettinger

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Day 6: A Very Russian Christmas

“As you may be able to guess from my last name below, I’m not from around these parts. I hail from the former U.S.S.R. where winters were cold and food was either meat, potatoes, or meat and potatoes. Luckily, I now reside in San Francisco and every holiday season, I try to connect with my roots by adding a Soviet Ukraine flare to my celebrations and gift-giving traditions—and you can, too, even without the Soviet backstory.”
—VegNews Senior News Editor Anna Starostinetskaya

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Day 7: Warm, Wool-Free & Wonderful

“At this time of year, when we’ve transitioned from a not-so-nippy autumn into full-on winter weather, I’m swapping my canvas high-tops for waterproof pleather boots and digging out my warmest, feather-free jacket for those days when I have to face the outside. And when the sun goes down at 4:40pm, you’ll find me ready for a night in with my faux-fur-lined slippers, fleece blanket, and my favorite book, because—you guessed it—it’s too cold to go anywhere.”
—VegNews News Editor Nicole Axworthy

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Day 8: Gifts That Give Back

“Now I get it—hands-on charity work isn’t always an option for some folks (I’m looking at you, snowed-in Midwesterners). But there are so many ways to be charitable this holiday season from the comfort of your own home … even if that means soaking in a warm bath while indulging in decadent dark chocolate and spiced martinis for a good cause!”
—VegNews Food Editor Eddie Garza

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Day 9: The Ultimate Nighttime Self-Care Routine

“With the holiday festivities in full swing, we’re running from store to store looking for the perfect gift for our beloved friends and family while also working, running errands, and trying to maintain a social life … all while keeping track of the ever-changing news cycle. Well, I say it’s time to come up for some air. As we wrap up this tumultuous year, one thing remains crucial: we have to take better care of ourselves in order to be our best selves out in the world.”
—VegNews Beauty & Style Editor Aruka Sanchir

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Day 10: Eco-Friendly Home Gifts

“It’s no secret most of us have been spending a fair bit more time at home and indoors these days. And while working from home is certainly a luxury and a privilege, those days where you don’t even set foot outside your own home can be draining on the mind and body—I know they have been for me. Curating our homes to be as relaxing, personal, and soothing to the mind and body as possible is essential, especially as we weather the chilly and dark winter months ahead.”
—VegNews New Products Editor Sarah McLaughlin

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Day 11: Chocolate, Chocolate & More Chocolate

“There’s no better time than the holidays to gift the magic of chocolate. Each year, I order vegan truffles, toffee, barks, bars, brownies, and everything in between from my favorite chocolatiers to gift loved ones. To me, chocolate symbolizes love, and these days, gifting a beautiful box of vegan chocolate has never been simpler.”
—VegNews Publisher & Co-Founder Colleen Holland

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Day 12: Getting Ready for the New Year

“We’ll be straight up with you. We’re a little scared. As we approach 2022, it’s worrying to see numbers begin to spike around the world again. However, it’s not all bad. 2021 marks yet another unforgettable, landmark year for the vegan movement, and represents a big step forward toward a more sustainable and compassionate future for all. And for that, we’re celebrating with our very favorite ways to lift our spirits, spread joy, and commemorate all the amazing things there is to be grateful for.”

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