British entrepreneur Heather Mills—who owns vegan brand VBites—is helping to relaunch Sweden’s most established vegan food brand Astrid Och Aporna. The investment, made in partnership with plant-based holding company Kale United, aims to revitalize the business and help make its new and existing products more widely available. Founded in 2006, Astrid Och Aporna is Sweden’s first vegan food brand supplying plant-based alternatives to dairy and meat in Scandinavian and Nordic markets. The brand is known for its vegan sausages, burgers, meatballs, frozen pizza, mayonnaise, and dairy-free cheeses. “Astrid Och Aporna was one of the earliest 100-percent vegan meat, fish, and dairy-free brands in Scandinavia, its food [is] supplied and developed by us at VBites and driven by its enthusiastic team for over a decade,” VBites Founder and CEO Heather Mills said. “It would be a shame to not help this innovative company keep its strong hold in the market with the best tasting and largest variety of meat-free and dairy-free alternatives in the country.” The brand plans to relaunch in all major supermarkets in Scandinavia as well as in restaurants, catering industries, and hotels in the coming months.

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