Today, the plant-based Impossible Burger will debut at all 1,252 locations of grocery chain Publix in seven states. In less than six months, Impossible Foods has increased its retail distribution 60-fold. In September 2019, Impossible Foods made its retail debut at supermarket Gelson’s in Southern California followed by an East Coast launch at retailers Fairway and Wegmans shortly thereafter. In May, the company expanded distribution of its Impossible Burger to 1,700 Kroger and Kroger-owned stores in 28 states. Last week, the Impossible Burger expanded to affordable grocery chains Trader Joe’s and Walmart

“One of Impossible Foods’ most important goals is to make our products available everywhere people buy animal-derived products, and that includes Publix, one of America’s favorite grocery stores,” Impossible Foods President Dennis Woodside said. “Impossible Foods’ fans are passionate, vocal advocates. Many of them have been specifically asking for Impossible Burger to come to Publix. We’re confident it will be a big hit, whether grilling burgers on the patio or cooking meatballs in your kitchen.”

With the Publix launch, the Impossible Burger is now available at more than 9,000 retail locations in all 50 states.

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