Today, beauty company LUSH Cosmetics launched a vegan “Mi Casa Es Tu Casa” soap with the mission of raising $350,000 for organizations that are fighting for migrant justice in the United States. The company will donate 100 percent of the sales price ($6.95) of the new lemongrass- and fire tree oil-scented soap to grassroots organizations such as United We Dream,  Community Change, and  Mijente. The soap is one part of LUSH’s larger Freedom of Movement campaign, a bold stance the company is taking against the US immigration system. All 208 LUSH stores in the United States now display a sticker—created by undocumented artist Justin Nguyen—that states “ICE Free Zone,” a declaration that LUSH will refuse to allow agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to enter these designated safe spaces. “What we’re seeing happen to migrants on a daily basis is unconscionable: The increasing harassment from ICE, children ripped from their parents, narrowing criteria for asylum, and the dangerous narrative being spun about a threat to our country,” Carleen Pickard, Ethical Campaigns Specialist at LUSH North America, said. “It’s time we showed up for our communities and demanded safe passage for all those who express freedom of movement—no exceptions.” Additionally, LUSH worked with queer activist Armando Ibanez to create Freedom for All: Undocumented in the United States, a short documentary that puts a human face to the word “migrant” and emphasizes the need for creating a humane pathway to citizenship for the 11.3 million people living undocumented in the US.

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