The United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based halal food giant AI Islami Foods recently launched its first plant-based burger. The product launch is in response to the growing demand for vegan options and in time for Veganuary, a global campaign that encourages people to go vegan for the month of January. The new burger is made from a combination of sunflower protein sourced from an organic non-GMO farm, fava beans, and peas, along with extracts from onion, pepper, garlic, celery root, carrot, and beet juice.

Developing the burger
“We are thrilled to launch our first plant-based product at Al Islami Foods. It took our team eight months to research, test, and develop this product and we are proud to have created one of the healthiest and best-tasting vegan burgers in the market today,” Shahid N. Khan, CEO at Al Islami Foods, said. “Al Islami Foods has a long history spanning five decades of providing premium frozen food to consumers. Producing a plant-based product across our supply chain was the logical next step to bringing new value to this category.”

More vegan products
The vegan burger is the first in a series of plant-based products the company plans to roll out and is available at major co-ops in the UAE, followed by other supermarkets and hypermarkets. There are also plans to partner with hotels, restaurants, and cafés and to export the product to other markets in the Middle East.

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