Meat Lobby Group Launches Propaganda Campaign 

The North American Meat Institute responds to WeWork’s decision to foster a meat-free work environment by attempting to promote meat as environmentally friendly. 


Meat industry lobby group North American Meat Institute (NAMI) launched this week the “I Choose Meat” campaign to encourage officer workers to eat more meat. NAMI launched a website where it published features entitled “Top Ten Ways to Sneak Meat Into the Office” and “Best Excuses to Get Out of Your Office’s Meatless Lunch,” along with links to meat propaganda websites designed to dispute mounting scientific data surrounding the negative environmental impact of animal agriculture. NAMI created the campaign in response to co-working company WeWork’s recent decision to no longer allow its 6,000 employees to expense meals containing meat and serve vegetarian menus during work functions. “It is disappointing that any company would make a decision to remove a nutritious and delicious food choice,” NAMI vice president of public affairs, Eric Mittenthal, said. “For both environmental and employee morale purposes, companies are far better served by working to reduce their energy consumption and encouraging public transportation.” Mittenthal’s statement, and NAMI’s campaign, directly contradicts last week’s report published by the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), which concluded that the world’s top five meat and dairy corporations collectively produce more greenhouse gas emissions than the world’s top three oil companies.  

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