Vegetarian brand Morningstar Farms—a subsidiary of The Kellogg Company—recently released a vegan version of its popular Veggie Classics Corn Dogs. The new vegan corn dogs are formulated without eggs and are packaged with a vegan symbol on the box to differentiate them from earlier versions which still may be on the shelves at major retailers, including Walmart. In March, Morningstar announced that it would remove all animal products from its brand to go fully vegan by 2021—a move that will circumvent the use of 300 million eggs annually. In 2018, 50 percent of Morningstar products were vegan after it removed eggs from its Chik’n line which includes Buffalo Wings, Chik’N Nuggets, Buffalo Chik Patties, and Original Chik Patties with a goal of increasing its vegan offerings to comprise 65 percent of the brand by the end of 2019. During this year’s Natural Products Expo West in California, Morningstar unveiled its vegan Cheezeburger—made with its vegan Meat Lovers quarter-pound burger that is topped with plant-based cheddar cheese.

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