This month, Tel Aviv Global & Tourism, the municipal department of tourism in Israeli city Tel Aviv, released its survey results that found a growing number, nearly one in 10, of the city’s residents are either vegan (4.3 percent) or vegetarian (4.5 percent). Tel Aviv is home to approximately 450,000 residents and nearly half (48.8 percent) of Tel Avivians consume an entirely vegan meal twice per week. When it comes to ditching meat, 37.4 percent of Tel Avivian meat-eaters report that they have reduced their meat consumption in the last 12 months, with 31 percent of meat-eaters reporting their intent to reduce meat consumption further in the coming year. Currently, Tel Aviv has 40 fully vegan restaurants, 44 vegetarian restaurants, and 171 “veg-friendly” restaurants, according to the tourism board. 

In addition to Tel Aviv, veganism continues to grow in other regions of the world, including in Germany where the vegan population has doubled since 2016 to approximately 2.6 million people according to research released earlier this month by vegan supermarket chain Veganz.

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