In December, British startup Crackd will launch its vegan liquid egg replacer The No-Egg Egg at M&S stores across the United Kingdom. The brand began developing powdered vegan eggs in 2017 before moving to a liquid version in 2018 and after creating nearly 50 versions of the product, Crackd landed on a final formulation in 2020. The new vegan egg is made from a pea protein base and uses a cold-pressing process that retains its nutrients such as vitamin B12. Crackd was created to function in the same way as its animal counterpart in omelettes, baked goods, and other dishes that call for chicken eggs. The new vegan egg will also be available at online retailer The Vegan Kind and will roll out at other stores during Veganuary. 

Stateside, plant-based startup Eat Just released its vegan JUST Egg at retailers in April 2019 made with a proprietary mung bean-based blend. To date, the company has sold the vegan equivalent of more than 50 million chicken eggs worldwide. A new “eggier” JUST Egg is scheduled to launch exclusively at Whole Foods Market by the end of the year.

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