You cannot fail by gifting chocolates on Valentine’s Day—unless your significant other has a chocolate allergy, in which case, we send our condolences. These vegan-friendly chocolatiers have stepped up their game for the special occasion, offering silky smooth and velvety confections in unparalleled flavors. Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching, so order a vegan box from one of these 15 chocolate shops today.

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Are chocolate truffles vegan?

The heart-shaped gifts we give each other on Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions are typically filled with chocolate truffles. Truffles are chocolate candies crafted with a soft filling contained by a hard chocolate shell. 

While the shell may be made with dark chocolate, the fillings often contain dairy. Things like caramel, dairy-based ganache, or creams are some of the most common truffle fillings. It’s not difficult to come across vegan chocolate bars in the mainstream chocolate market, but vegan truffles can be harder to come by.

But that said, many brands in the vegan chocolate industry do offer truffles, so if you want to stick to tradition, you do have options. Below you’ll find plenty stuffed with divine confections like salted caramel, rich peanut butter, and fruity fillings. 

15 vegan boxes of chocolates

From humble dark chocolate bars to gorgeously decorated bonbons, this Valentine’s Day, there’s something sweet for every chocolate lover in your life. 


1 Compartés

These sleek chocolate boxes are the epitome of luxury. This sophisticated chocolate brand produces a number of divine vegan bars—such as Nightcap Whisky or salted pistachio—but we’ve got our eye on the gift sets. Choose from an assortment of peanut butter-filled chocolates, dark chocolate truffles, and chocolate-dipped fruit assortments ranging from dark chocolate-covered apricots to clusters of tropical papaya in a bed of chocolate.


2 Coracao 

Build your own box of vegan chocolate delights to ensure your giftee receives all the confections they love and nothing of what they don’t. Choose from classic peppermint patties, mulberry cacao nib hearts, almond butter cups, and more. This option is ideal for those with food sensitivities as all options are free from peanuts, gluten, cane sugar, and soy.

VegNews.ChocolateBox.VeganTreatsVegan Treats

3 Vegan Treats

The annual Fatally Yours chocolate box collection sells out every year, and for good reason. Not only does this standout vegan bakery deliver on swoon-worthy truffles and chocolate-coated confections, it also plays to an audience who prefers less pink and more dark, gothic tones. If your special someone prefers

VegNews.ChocolateBox.LagustasLusciousLagusta’s Luscious

4 Lagusta’s Luscious

It’s unlikely you’ll find chocolatey creations like those at this New York chocolatier anywhere else. For a classic Valentine’s Day gift, opt for the assorted collections featuring bonbons, chocolate hearts, caramels, wine-infused treats, and more. But for a gift that truly stands out, Lagusta’s Intense Anatomical Hearts, Sex Box (featuring the chocolatier’s famous Furious Vulvas), and chocolate skull are sure to make jaws drop. 
Find it here


VegNews.ChocolateBox.GoodGirlChocolateGood Girl Chocolate

5 Good Girl Chocolate

This award show-worthy single origin chocolate was featured in 2022’s Grammys gift bag. Choose from a medley of assortments ranging from five to 36 counts that are filled with elegantly decorated Caramel Cakes, Fudge Cupcakes, pecan fudge pieces, and cashew caramels.

VegNews.ChocolateBox.CocoaParlorCocoa Parlor

6 Cocoa Parlor

This isn’t your standard box of chocolates where you’re left with a box of half-eaten, subpar truffles. As a small-batch, inventive chocolatier, Cocoa Parlor’s vegan white, milk, and dark chocolate truffles are unique, one-bite wonders that will make you fall in love. To purchase a set, choose your assortment count (ranging from 10 to 24 pieces) and select your favorite confections. You can’t go wrong with the strawberry milkshake, balsamic fig, or whipped caramel.

VegNews.ChocolateBox.ConfectionsWithConvictionConfections With Convictions

7 Confections With Convictions

This vegan-friendly, Michigan-based chocolate brand has a unique and important mission: to support young people “overcome barriers and make new beginnings” via the medium of chocolate-making. While the fair-trade, organic company is not totally vegan, it does offer several animal-free options, including a Vegan Truffle Collection that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

VegNews.ChocolateBox.AmandasOwnConfectionsAmanda’s Own Confections

8 Amanda’s Own Confections

Send some love to this Ohio-based vegan chocolatier by purchasing a bag of adorable Valentine’s Day-themed confections. From the exquisitely decorated chocolate hearts to the picture-perfect present boxes to the Valentine’s Day countdown, each piece melts in your mouth for a decadently pure chocolate experience.

VegNews.ChocolateBox.GisellesVeganKitchenGiselle’s Vegan Kitchen

9 Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen

First and foremost, this is a bakery, but amongst the refined sugar-free cookie dough brownie cakes and soul-satisfying lemon loaves, Giselle’s makes amazing raw chocolate truffles. Each flavor melts in your mouth slowly, prolonging the bliss. The 48-item chocolate box includes three delightful and distinct flavors: caramel, raspberry, and peanut butter. This is an excellent option to treat yourself and savor these chocolates throughout the month.

VegNews.ChocolateBox.MissionaryChocolatesMissionary Chocolates

10 Missionary Chocolates

When plans go a bit haywire on your special day—dinner is burning, the power goes out, or you’re spending the night alone on the couch for the third year in a row—smooth over all hiccups and treat yourself to these award-winning vegan truffles. Really, they once took home first place at the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Portland, OR, crushing the dairy-based chocolate competitors. Take a deep, calming breath and bite into one of these super-stuffed hearts in flavors that range from classic raspberry to stronger, adult-only options like champagne, cherry Manhattan, and pinot noir salted caramel.  

VegNews.ChocolateBox.AmorediMonaAmore di Mona

11 Amore di Mona

Everyone gets giddy when presented with a large heart-shaped box of chocolates. It’s one of those things we would never (or rarely) buy for ourselves yet is so appreciated when gifted. This generous assortment comes with 33 chocolate confections with flavors ranging from solid dark chocolate hearts to cherry truffles. Not quite at the “33 chocolates stage” in the relationship? Smaller 16-piece assortments are also available.

VegNews.ChocolateBox.FineandRawFine & Raw Chocolate

12 Fine & Raw Chocolate

How much do you love your person? If you’re just starting out, a few one-ounce hazelnut butter bars will do the trick. Mildly into it? The eight-piece truffle box shows you care without overly committing. However, if there’s a ring on your partner’s finger (or you’re hoping to put one on it) the elaborate All Day I Dream of Chocolate set says it all. The collection includes enough chocolate to last an individual through next year (24-piece truffle box, full-sized bars, and hazelnut butters). It’s the most delicious way to show your devotion.

13 Harbor Candy Shop

While not exclusively vegan, this confectionary creates fantastic vegan truffles and other chocolatey delights. The $46 Favorite Vegan Sampler options include an array of exquisite truffles, nut clusters, chocolate-dipped dried fruit, marzipan, and more. Twenty percent of all vegan sales go toward PETA, so go ahead and splurge on a box for yourself, too.


14 Raaka Chocolate

Why give eight tiny truffles when you can give eight full-sized chocolate bars? Raaka’s Library Gift Box showcases the company’s delicious range of products including flavors such as Bourbon Cask Aged, oat milk, bananas foster, and Green Tea Crunch. This box has a flavor to match any sweet craving.

VegNews.ChocolateBox.DandelionChocolateDandelion Chocolate

15 Dandelion Chocolate

Dandelion Chocolate’s Wrapped Gift Set includes three remarkable bars of single-origin, vegan, nut-free dark chocolate. For the true dark-chocolate lover who can appreciate the nuances of pure chocolate tasting, this is the gift to get.

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