German chocolate brand Ritter Sport recently launched a line of “accidentally vegan” chocolate bars at retailers across the United Kingdom with the purpose of giving consumers more choice during Veganuary—a campaign that challenges people to go vegan for the month of January and beyond. Ritter Sport’s vegan line includes four flavors: Marzipan (made with California almonds and dark chocolate); single-origin 74% Intense Dark Chocolate from Peru; single-origin 61% Fine Dark Chocolate from Nicaragua; and 50% Dark Chocolate. “Veganuary has certainly got a little tastier this year thanks to our range of accidentally vegan chocolate bars,”  Ritter Sport’s Marketing Manager Katy Clark told Confectionery News. “British consumers love chocolate and we know the craving for a square can sometimes be too much, especially when you’ve pledged to go vegan. But now you can beat that temptation with our vegan-friendly chocolate bars.” 

The new “accidentally vegan” line joins the company’s two existing vegan-certified flavors it launched in 2017—one made with quinoa and the other with amaranth—which both contain Nicaraguan cocoa and replace dairy with hazelnut cream.

Support for Veganuary
In addition to Ritter Sport, a growing list of businesses and brands are embracing Veganuary in the UK this year, including IKEA (which is promoting its vegan meatballs and hot dogs this month); Hellmann’s (which launched three vegan mayonnaise flavors this month); and Starbucks (which launched four vegan breakfast sandwiches in honor of the month-long campaign). 

“Veganuary is creating a new wave of consumers with strong ethics and a big appetite. This is a real opportunity for businesses to improve and expand their vegan offerings for the growing climate-conscious audience,” Toni Vernelli, Veganuary’s Head of International Communications, said. “We’re delighted that Ritter Sport has risen to this challenge—helping people to live more lightly on the earth while still eating food they love. We know new vegans really miss good chocolate—and with Ritter Sport, there is no compromise.”

This year, Veganuary has counted 525,000 vegan pledges—a record number of participants since the campaign’s inception in 2014.

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