Famed director Kevin Smith recently dined on a specially prepared baked potato, with a twist, at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Sarasota, FL. Smith transitioned to veganism earlier this year after surviving a major heart attack and spoke about his new lifestyle on popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” According to Smith, the manager at the Ritz-Carlton listened to the podcast, reporting that the director discussed the crucial role of baked potatoes in his transition to veganism—which he has credited for his rapid weight loss and improved health. “When I checked in 10 days ago,” Smith divulged about his stay at the Ritz-Carlton, “I found this treat waiting: a vegan chocolate cake designed to look like a baked potato.” Last month, Smith took to social media to beg chain Veggie Grill to open a location in his hometown of Red Bank, NJ after raving about the eatery’s superb vegan food.

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