Starting today, Scottish startup Daring Foods will make its United States debut with the launch of its flagship product, vegan chicken pieces, at more than 340 Sprouts Farmers Market grocery stores nationwide. Non-breaded Daring Pieces—made from water, soy protein, sunflower oil, and spices—are now available in 10-ounce pouches for $9.99, marking the first time that Sprouts has offered such a product. “We’re excited to offer our guests Daring’s plant-based chicken alternative in our frozen aisle,” Kim Coffin, Sprouts Senior Vice President of Non-Perishables, said. “For years, Sprouts has made a plant-based diet accessible to everyday shoppers by offering a wide selection of easy-to-find products, which are growing in popularity with today’s consumer seeking a more sustainable way to eat.” Daring Foods first launched in the foodservice sector in the United Kingdom last year and CEO Ross Mackay set a goal of selling $9 million worth of its vegan products—which also includes “Moo-Free” vegan beef burgers and “Cluck-Free” vegan chicken patties—with the help of animal ambassador, Kim Kardashi-hen. “With this launch, we are excited to bring Daring Pieces to dinner tables across America,” Mackay said. “Daring is leading the charge as the second-generation, plant-based meat alternative that is made from simple ingredients, is easy to cook, and matches the texture and taste of chicken. From cooking to the very first bite, customers will see that we are not an alternative, but an upgrade.”

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