United Kingdom supermarket Tesco—the third largest grocery store in the country—will expand its vegan offerings by nearly 900 percent, according to The Guardian. The chain aims to increase its vegan ready-made-meals from the 32 it currently offers under the Wicked Kitchen brand to 300 under its proprietary Plant Chef brand. Tesco first launched the Wicked Kitchen line—created Derek Sarno, Tesco’s executive chef and Director of Plant-Based Innovation—in January 2018 and sold four million units of the 20-item line by August. In October, the supermarket expanded the line to include new dishes such as Spicy Veg and Mushroom Sourdough Pizza, brandy-spiked Packed Puff Pie, Filthy Fiery Fries, and All The Rage Rolls—the first vegan sausage roll to debut in the UK before Greggs version went viral earlier this year. Last week, Tesco’s largest competitor, Sainsbury’s, unveiled the UK’s first meat-free butcher shop, a pop-up counter in London that serves 20 vegan meats, including Sainsbury’s Shroomdogs and products from The Meatless Farm such as ground beef, plant-based bacon, and steak, amongst others.

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