New vegan gelato and sorbet inspired by popular cannabis strains recently launched at the Gelato Festival store in Los Angeles. The store is an offshoot of Italy’s popular annual Gelato Festival, which pits gelato makers from around the world against each other in fierce competition. The new frozen treats are made in partnership with cannabis brand SHERBINSKIS and are offered in two non-medicated flavors inspired by its famed cannabis strains of the same name: Sunset Sherbert and oat milk-based Bacio Gelato 41. SHERBINSKIS founder Mario Guzman and Gelato Festival founder Gabriele Poli worked together for one year to create the unique vegan treats. 

“Our partnership with SHERBINSKIS is inspired by gelato, shared good vibes, and a deep commitment to making people happy. Both Mario and I see Gelato as the universal symbol of happiness and we wanted to create something that would spark joy and make people happy during this challenging time,” Poli said. “We want to use this launch to emphasize that making people smile has a social value that cannot be underestimated. What better way to do that than with pairings: your favorite gelato flavor with your favorite gelato flower?” 

The Gelato Festival shop and SHERBINSKIS Los Angeles dispensary now offer the two flavors in 16-ounce pints ($18) and smaller 8-ounce pints ($11). The flavors are also available in cones ($9 for a large and $6 for a mini) with Sunset Sherbet covered in vegan white chocolate and Bacio Gelato enrobed in dark chocolate. The Gelato Festival shop also sells the two flavors in a vegan popsicle format for $9 each. 

“Many people around the world consider my gelato flower the best in the world. I wanted to partner with a company that’s making the most authentic gelato dessert, which my genetics are named for, that is also considered some of the best in the world,” Guzman (also known as “Mr. Sherkinski”) said. “Gabriele and I share a love for gelato that we want to share with the world,  especially now when we feel like having a nice joint of Bacio Gelato while also eating Bacio Gelato out of a pint. Evoking the emotion of eating a treat while being a kid again is what this collaboration is all about.”

The Gelato Festival shop offers nationwide delivery of the frozen desserts for those outside of the Los Angeles area. In addition to the new cannabis-inspired flavors, the shop also offers an entire menu of oat milk-based gelato in flavors such as Gianduia Crunchy Peanut Butter, Pistachio, and Espresso, along with a selection of vegan sorbets.

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