Next week, grocery chain Trader Joe’s will relaunch vegan whipped cream, according to store employee Kimberly Lauren. In 2017, the chain launched the first iteration of Coconut Whipped Topping but the seasonal item disappeared from shelves shortly thereafter. Now, Trader Joe’s is bringing the vegan dessert topping back under the brand name “Sweet Rose,” with a new label that touts “made with real coconut cream,” a statement that echoes that of Reddi-Wip—which released a coconut- and almond-based vegan whipped cream in 2018. Last month, Trader Joe’s added coconut milk-based vegan ranch to its shelves, a larger stand-alone tub that was featured in the grocery chain’s vegetable platter. Trader Joe’s has actively been expanding its selection of vegan products in recent months, which now include Cashew Fiesta Dip queso, Organic Creamy Cashew Cultured Yogurt, Vegan Jackfruit “crabless” Cakes, and much more.

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