Vegan Butcher Counter Opens Inside California Grocery Store

Bristol Farms will soon offer vegan meatloaf, chorizo-stuffed potatoes, and Mediterranean meatless patties behind a glass case in its meat section.


Yorba Linda, CA-based grocery store Bristol Farms will soon add vegan meats and entrées to its butcher section. The vegan selection will include items such as plant-based taco mix, meatloaf, stuffed cabbage, chorizo-stuffed potatoes, and Mediterranean meatless patties made by Bristol Farms chefs using Before the Butcher vegan ground meat. This marks Before the Butcher’s entry into the retail market after several years of selling exclusively through food-service industry partners. The company will also debut its UNCUT brand of vegan burgers in the frozen food section of major markets this year, including plant-based beef, chicken, and turkey burgers, and breakfast sausages. Bristol Farms is not the first grocer to offer vegan options in its butcher section. Earlier this year, British Columbia’s largest butcher shop Meridian Farm Market began offering vegan meat such as Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger at all of its locations.

Photo Credit: Before the Butcher 

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