Vegan film The End of Meat—a documentary that imagines a world post-meat consumption— will debut in New York City on August 28, followed by a Los Angeles debut on August 30. Inspired by the rise of vegan blogs, cookbooks, products, and restaurants, German author, filmmaker, and 15-year vegan Marc Pierschel partnered with American videographer Jeff Wirth to debunk the myth that a vegan world is unrealistic. By taking animal agriculture out of the food-industry equation, the filmmakers show the reduced impact a vegan world would have on climate change, water pollution, deforestation, and biodiversity. The hopeful theme behind The End of Meat was inspired by German scientist Herald Welzer, who predicted that an idea must penetrate three to five percent in every class of society in order to become mainstream. A report published last year by market research firm Global Data found that six percent of the United States population identified as vegan in 2017—an increase of 500 percent since 2014.

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