On October 14, Honey LaBronx—known as the “Vegan Drag Queen”—will perform her 100th show at NuBar in Long Island, NY.  After being fired from a job as a food server in 2016, LaBronx decided to become a full-time advocate for causes she believes in, including animal rights and related social justice issues. In 2018, LaBronx rented a car and set off to perform her now famous vegan drag show, which she has since brought to 71 cities in five countries, benefiting 138 organizations and raising $40,952 for charity. “After my first few shows, I found myself touring the world, meeting new people, and visiting sanctuaries I’ve always wanted to see,” LaBronx, who also hosts podcast Big Fat Vegan Radio, told VegNews. “I’ve been making a living as an artist for the better part of my 19 years in New York City, but now I’ve created a way to support myself as a full-time artist, but I only get out of bed in the morning to do what I love, in service of the difference I want to make in the world.” 

LaBronx believes that laughter is an important tool that helps activists build longevity and maintain morale during trying times. “Look, the world these days is as terrible as it is terrifying. Whether you are someone who cares about the animals, or you’re LGBTQ, a woman, an immigrant, a person of color … just reading the news can be deeply traumatizing,” LaBronx said. “As a drag queen, I’ve learned that whatever hurts or scares you, if you can find a way to laugh at it, it takes off some of the pressure. For me, in my 10 years of being an animal rights activist, finding a way to laugh about anything (yes, anything) has allowed me to hang on to my sanity, my mental health, and to survive. So this is so much more for me than just raising funds. This is about raising spirits.”

LaBronx will host her 100th show in Long Island with a suggested donation of $20 for entry and will raise funding for Pride for Youth (an organization supporting young members of the LGBTQ+ community) and Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (Long Island’s leading animal advocacy and rescue organization). 

Photo credit: Honey Labronx

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