Cookbooks are no longer the sole keepers of vegan recipes. Today, plant-based recipes are everywhere—from blogs to TikTok videos, and Instagram captions to cooking shows on The Food Network. However, the cookbook industry endures. For some, these recipe bibles serve as collectables or eye-catching coffee table pieces; for others, their pages are worn, ripped, and splattered—the telling signs of a much-loved book. No matter where you lie on that spectrum, you’re going to want to get your pre-orders in for these vegan cookbooks coming this fall. 

Vegnews.hannahcheHannah Che

1 The Vegan Chinese Kitchen

Blogger, food photographer, and now cookbook author Hannah Che takes the reader on a historical journey through Chinese vegetarian cooking in her upcoming debut book. The humble, vegetable-focused recipes are interwoven with essays from Che, interviews with chefs and producers, and intimate observations about how history has shaped the foods she grew up with living as a Chinese American and a vegan. Pre-orders are open now for the September 13 release.
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Vegnews.CookingfromthespiritTabitha Brown

2 Cooking from the Spirit

With the summer release of Tabitha Brown’s vegan Food Network Show, It’s Compliplated, it’s only fitting that this star have her own cookbook. Brown boosted herself into the spotlight with her highly opinionated YouTube videos, setting off a chain reaction of food-related projects including but not limited to creating her own McCormick seasoning, serving as a spokeswoman for Whole Foods Market, and opening not one but two locations of her own restaurant. Suffice it to say, Brown knows her way around the kitchen, and her recipes are an authentic reflection of her vibe. From Jackfruit Pot Roast to Broccoli Alfredo Pizza, her food is sure to make you and your family smile. 
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Vegnews.magicalfooddepartmentMagical Food Department

3 The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

You don’t need an admissions letter to Hogwarts to experience a feast from The Great Hall; you just need to put in a little work in the kitchen. This vegan cookbook debuts November 1—just in time for Harry Potter-themed Friendsgivings and holiday get-togethers. Enjoy your own self-guided Potions course by mixing up a cauldron of pumpkin juice or try your hand at Dark Arts Fudge. Some recipes do take time, but the instructions are simple enough that even Crab or Goyle could perfect them. 
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VegNews.VeganCookbooks.@pinkycolePinky Cole

4 Eat Plants B*tch

What makes Pinky Cole’s vegan burger joint so addictive? She’s sharing her secrets in her debut cookbook, available November 15. The 91-recipe collection includes more than Slutty Vegan hits—it also offers a look into what Cole enjoys on a regular basis, from Jamaican rice, chickpea, and plantain bowls to oyster mushroom parm. Whether you’re in the mood for an indulgent “Heaux Boy” or just craving a clean bowl of flavorful nourishment, this cookbook can take you there. 
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Vegnews.graciasmadrecookbookGracias Madre

5 The Gracias Madre Cookbook

Learn to cook (and eat) like a Hollywood celebrity with this highly anticipated cookbook from LA’s hottest vegan restaurants. While the book can’t provide the unmatched atmosphere of this popular Mexican restaurant, it can teach you how to make an irresistibly decadent queso blanco and tender mushroom carnitas to fill homemade corn tortillas. Restock your bar cart and get ready to cook with a mezcal cocktail in hand—this vegan cookbook is available now. 
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Vegnews.karolinategelarKarolina Tegelaar

6 The Vegan Baking Bible

Yes, you can bake. Compartmentalize all your baking fails and put them in the past, then crack open this fresh new cookbook, coming December 6. Author Karolina Tegelaar breaks down all the basics of vegan baking, providing simple yet effective recipes ranging from lighter-than-light sponge cakes to fudgy, crackly topped brownies. She offers detailed yet digestible troubleshooting support through illustrations and text to ensure you nail everything from the humble traybake to the impressive pain au chocolat. With this cookbook in your arsenal, you’ll never have to dump another bake in the bin again. 
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Vegnews.hannahkaminskyHannah Kaminsky

7 Everyday Vegan Cheat Sheet

If you’re like us and immediately start turning through the recipe pages when you come across a new cookbook, you may wonder why all the food looks so … thin. Then you realize it’s a sheet pan cookbook. Ah, the light bulb moment. This accessible cookbook covers everything from breakfast to dessert, all made with a handy sheet pan. Blondies, pot pie, a poptart 12-inches long? It’s all possible, and the book is available now. 
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VegNews.CandiceHutchingsCandice Hutchings

8 The Edgy Veg Easy Eats

Author Candice Hutchings taught us how to make mouthwatering, indulgent, “dude food” vegan back in 2017. This follow-up to her debut bestseller still includes recipes for craveable dishes, but all in 45 minutes or less. From crowd-pleasing Lazy Lasagna to one-pot Easy Breezy Creamy Chick-Peas, Hutchings covers it all in a flash. Pre-order your copy for the October 22 release. 
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Vegnews.ZachNeilZach Neil

9 Death for Dinner

If puns, horror movies, and cooking give you a thrill, you’ve got to pick up a copy of this book. Author Zach Neil whipped up 60 “gorey-good” vegan recipes inspired by classic horror movies and television shows. Each recipe will make you cringe with delight—not only because of the punny names (The Hills Have Fries, anyone?)—but also because these dishes are actually really tasty. Snag your copy now and practice that Blood Orange Cheesecake Trifle before you host that Halloween party. 
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VegNews.lucehoiserLuce Hosier

10 One Pan Vegan

Keep that oven preheated—here’s another fall cookbook utilizing the simple sheet pan. Author Luce Hosier provides no-fuss, reliable vegan recipes all prepared, cooked, and served on your trusty 18”x13”. From tender, vegan chorizo-laden gnocchi to irresistible Carrot Sheet Cake, this new book will quickly become a staple in your cookbook arsenal. Check your local bookseller after September 13. 
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Vegnews.maggiezhuMaggie Zhu

11 Chinese Homestyle

Depending on where you live, vegan dim sum isn’t the easiest thing to find. That’s why we make our own. This upcoming cookbook is full of craveable, hearty, and comforting Chinese dishes from flaky scallion pancakes to kimchi steamed buns. You’ll also encounter recipes for simple yet satisfying vegetable dishes and American-Chinese takeout classics like Orange Cauliflower and Chinese Eggplant with Garlic Sauce. Start cooking September 20.  
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Vegnews.plantbasednepalPlant Based Nepal

12 Plant-Based Himalaya

While these two cuisines are culturally distinct, it’s fairly safe to say that if you enjoy Indian food, you’ll love Nepalese dishes. Author Babita Shrestha was born and raised in Nepal and she shares 38 of her favorite recipes in this book from eggplant curry to various achaars (South Asian pickles). 
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